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360 Degrees Total Security Services

Staying at the forefront of CCTV industry, WTL empowers SMB integrators with quality but economical products and enables residents to connect with their life visually and smartly.

Motion Detection Recording

Captures Movements

Upto 90 days

Longer Backup

Crystal Clear Clarity

Night Vision Recorder

For Total Coverage

360o Coverage

Security with an Economical Edge

Where Caution Blends with Technology!

Staying at the forefront of CCTV industry, WTL empowers SMB integrators with quality but economical products. As the national distributor of Hi-look – the high performance yet low-price video surveillance, WTL dedicates all our effort  to optimizing your business.

High Performance

Advanced Features for the price

Offshoot brand of the world No.1 video surveillance product and solution provider Hikvision- Hi-look products are of guaranteed quality with most advanced technologies.

Attractive Price

Superior Performance to Price Edge

If there’s one thing hi-look is renewed for, it’s the best value for money products and support, which have set Hi-look apart.

Easy to Use

Simple Installation and Usage

Easy to install and get the functions running. Get it working well or integrating it into the system is just a breeze even without technical specialists.

Entry Level

Specifically for the Entry Level Market

By hitting the bull’s eye, hi-look is launched to meet the entry-level security market’s demand. The sophisticated surveillance solution with an economical edge is bound to satisfy the market.

Smart Home and Secure Life

Designed to make a simple!

WTL is the national distributor of Ezviz, the consumer and residentially focused subsidiary of Hikvision. EZVIZ provides smart home security systems through versatile cameras and cloud-based platform. The intelligent and intuitive products from EZVIZ enable customers to see, capture, share and protect what’s valuable to them.

Smart Home

Full Intelligent Home Solution

Designed to make a simple, secure and smart life, Ezviz enables you to see, capture, share and protect what’s valuable to you.

Easy to Use

Simple and Intuitive Design

Install and use with easy-to-follow-instructions and the EZVIZ app which makes it easy to manage your camera remotely from the palm of your hand.

Advanced features

The Best of Breed Products

Push alarm, real time, play back, interaction, smart lock, voice localization…all features and technologies are made for secure and smarter home.

Cloud Services

Easily Accessible and Safer Cloud

Cloudplay helps store your Ezviz videos on the cloud and make your Ezviz camera easy to use and keep your data safe. Ezviz has servers all over the world, which is easier, safer, more reliable and available.

Our Brands


HiLook by Hikvision carries a range of economical Analog and IP CCTV products, that are targeted to meet the demands of Small & Medium Businesses. HiLook Analog Cameras & IP Cameras along with HiLook DVRs & NVRs are the best option for SMB installers looking for quality CCTV solutions


Ezviz offers Sports Cameras, Wi-Fi cameras, NVRs and Home Security product range that are easy to install by home users themselves. Thus, providing best of class home security products that does not require technical dependency on resources for installation and configuration.

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